Enjoy the Culinary Delights Inside Cozumel’s Exclusive Hotels

Enjoy the Culinary Delights Inside Cozumel’s Exclusive Hotels

Jul 20, 2021

Special culinary surprises await those that stay in Cozumel. Not the visitors that come for a daytrip, we’re talking about the fortunate guests that actually stay overnight in one of Cozumel’s hotels and resorts.

By: Cozumel Hotel Association

COZUMEL, Mexico – July xx, 2021 – Cozumel has a wide variety of culinary options with hundreds of restaurants offering a wide range of dishes including regional recipes from the Yucatan, fresh seafood from the Caribbean area, as well as a great cultural diversity of culinary proposals. Various cultures have come to the area bringing delicious recipes from the Maya, mestizo, Mexico and the world. Whether informal appetizers or gourmet fine dining, you surely have to try as much as you can.

Within the hotels on the Island of Cozumel there are several restaurants that have great culinary diversity and here are some dishes that you will undoubtedly want to try.

1. The Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel Resort & Spa’s unique restaurant, Le Cap Beach Club features contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with the finest seafood options and fresh dishes prepared in a wood oven and grill. Le Cap Beach Club offers a seaside lounge area and private cabins on the dock over the water to enjoy refreshing drinks or cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.

2. The exclusive Secrets Aura Cozumel and its Oceana restaurant has delicious seafood served à la carte in an open-air setting facing the sea, perfect for a romantic evening.

3. The Sunscape Sabor Cozumel could not be left behind with El Patio, an authentic Mexican restaurant. Famous for its delicious Pollo (chicken) en Mole dish, a favorite among guests who like to try traditional dishes in their local setting.

4. Cozumel Hotel and Resort Trademark Collection by Wyndham also has TRATTORIA, a favorite Italian specialty restaurant in the area probably due to its most popular dish, Octopus Pesto. Once you taste it, two things happen: you come back or ask for a second helping.

5. In the Chan Ka’an restaurant inside the Playa Azul Cozumel all food is prepared on the spot. Offering Mexican dishes fused with Caribbean and international flavors plus a vegan menu and another for just for kids. Its star dish is Lobster with garlic sauce, butter, or tequila accompanied by butter sauteed vegetables and rice.

6. Enjoy the wonders of Northern Indian cuisine with fabulous recipes that mix popular spices at the Agra restaurant inside the Cozumel Palace. The MASALA DOSA is worth trying. A recipe consisting of crepes made with lentil dough, rice and fenugreek seeds filled with potato stew and spices.

7. Inside the Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive there are some specialty restaurants, including Peninsula with an unbeatable dish called Salmon Nashta based on Asian cuisine with fresh ingredients and the special touch of its executive chef highlight the delicious flavors.

8. And finally, the Hotel B Unique hosts the Xulha restaurant, which blends ancient cuisines such as Asian and Mayan while incorporating new culinary trends. Here you will find exceptional textures, aromas and mixtures of flavors such as Vietnamese rolls that are the dish chosen by a large number of guests as it incorporates the best selection of roasted and raw vegetables wrapped in rice paper with cream cheese and avocado, accompanied by peanut sauce and plum coulis with mango.

We invite you to visit all of these restaurants offering a variety of different cuisines for your palate or special occasion on this wonderful island full of unforgettable landscapes and warmth.