September 21, 2021

Date: September 21 – 29.
One of Cozumel’s most important religious festivals honoring San Miguel Arcángel, Saint Michael, Saint of the island. The celebration begins on September 21st, featuring colorful pilgrimage that start from the church of San Miguel and go throughout downtown. During this week, local residents attend mass and take part in daily pilgrimage wearing traditional Mayan outfits called “hipiles”. On the last day, a pilgrimage of fishermen carrying an image of San Miguel Arcángel to the downtown pier and get on board. The public can board a ferry, surrounded by fishing boats, to join the pilgrimage by sea, throwing flowers into the ocean as they sail along.

Cozumel has honored San Miguel Arcángel as its Patron Saint since 1848 when Mr Rejón, a Priest from Chemax, Yucatan, arrived to Cozumel with new inhabitants and an image of Saint Michael. Prior to that, in 1526, Francisco de Montejo, a representative of the King of Spain, was authorized to conquer and develop the island of Cozumel and gave the island the Christian name of San Miguel de Cozumel.