The AHC (Cozumel Hotels Association) was founded on May 2nd, 1975 with only 5 partners, today it consists of 22 hotels throughout the island, which in numbers adds up to 3,500 rooms.

On the island there are hotels on the southern and northern area, and a few on the middle area, from small independent hotels, big international chains, European plan hotels, all inclusive, and even boutique hotels.

Cozumel is a paradise awaiting for discovery, virgin land covered by jungle, a gift that nature offers to visitors with diverse intentions: water activities and sports, organizing a wedding, conventions, diving, bird watching, visits to the Ix Chel temple, among many other sites and activities to explore.

AHC´s Goals

  • To make the Association an outstanding and representative option for hoteliers.
  • To become a changing engine inside the hotel industry and inside the island.
  • To improve the experience of visitors to Cozumel.
  • To increase Cozumel´s competitivity as a tourist destination.

Current Excecutive Committee:

  • President: Ulises Guzmán Peregrina
  • Vice president: Philippe Fournier
  • Secretary: Andres Maillard Coronel
  • Treasurer: Normando Aguayo Arceo
  • Vocal: Beatriz Tinajero Tarriba
  • Vocal: Lauro Couho May
  • Councillor: Marcos Rojas Morales
  • Councillor: Pedro Joaquín Domínguez


  • Manager : Isela Valenzuela

Among the projects triggered by the current Executive Committee:

  • Develop and drive an isle law that balances out living expenses.
  • Reconsider the competitive opportunities of diving, ecotourism, sports and culture.
  • Introduce bigger investment strategies on touristic products.
  • Introduce a permanent promotion campaign of the destination.
  • Develop and implement a mobility plan (transportation).
  • Reactivation of night life downtown.
  • Create a body of Municipal Planning to identify and monitor projects.